6 weeks
May 23 – June 27

In case you hadn’t noticed, fiction has gotten weird. Fantastical, magical, alien, and downright strange stories used to be publishable only in fringe “genre” magazines, but now they’re a staple of the most mainstream publications. Many of America’s most beloved contemporary writers are writing “speculative fiction.”

This six-week workshop is an invitation to write and read speculative fiction—whatever that means. We’ll investigate and unpack what speculative fiction is (and isn’t), how it works (or doesn’t), and how it can help us as writers. Along the way, we’ll read a sampling of the wide genre, and see what techniques and strategies we can use in our own writing.

Each week will offer a few contemporary short stories to read, plus a writing prompt based loosely on those stories.

THE WORKSHOP IS REMOTE: Prompts will be posted online, and we’ll check in each week on Zoom, Sundays at 4pm-6pm Pacific. The class is meant to be, most of all, generative: its main priority is to get you experimenting with the genre(s). Everyone is invited to post their week’s writing to our private blog, and to comment on one another’s work — but we will not be “workshopping” stories in the traditional sense.

The class is open to experienced writers and enthusiastic, serious beginners, and familiarity with the genre is NOT a requirement.

$300 for 6 weeks. Venmo @cdewan and send an email to cdewan at gmail.com, and I’ll get you a login to the course’s website.