$50 / 4 weeks
June 1 – June 30, 2020

If you would like to be writing a script, this workshop will offer you:

  • Daily prompts
  • Accountability
  • Community

This four-week online workshop will offer five prompts per week. All of the prompts will be aimed at moving your script forward — first by exploring and strengthening the script’s concept; then by developing character, settings, and conflict; then by writing scenes.

Daily prompts will be manageable — generally a half-hour’s worth of writing (though of course each one will hopefully inspire you to write more whenever you’re able…). The course is asynchronous so you can proceed at your own pace. No Zoom meetings!

The class is designed to help you generate new work and build out your idea. You will have the opportunity to post your work on the website each day, and you will have the opportunity to comment on one another’s work. The goal is to give you tools to keep moving forward—and this means discussion will focus on process, rather than on offering feedback on each day’s content.

The class is open to writers of all levels. It is aimed mainly at people writing for film and/or television, but should also be applicable to stageplays and other media.

I want this class to be accessible and affordable to anyone: $50 for 4 weeks. Venmo @cdewan and send an email to cdewan@gmail.com, and I’ll get you a login to the course’s website.