Write a first draft of your memoir in one year.

Writers enrolled in this online course will develop and revise their memoirs in progress. You only need twenty pages written in order to apply to and enroll in the class. The group will be limited to six members, and each member will have the opportunity to workshop fifty pages of their memoir twice in a serious environment meant to challenge and inspire each member of the class.

We will meet in person every three weeks for three hours and there will be weekly page requirements to meet. The goal will be to complete a 60,000- to 75,000-word memoir. Each participant will meet with Chris individually for one hour at the beginning of the class and one hour toward the end.

The class will address issues such as story arc, persona, stakes, memory and truth, and ethical considerations specific to the genre. Participants will read and discuss published memoir chapters and excerpts to examine the tools of the trade, and they will complete occasional writing exercises designed to bring their projects into sharper focus. Guests who can speak to elements of memoir writing join us at our meetings throughout the year.

Ideally, we will begin in mid-March 2021. While we will meet on either Saturday or Sunday, the time will be determined by the group.

Enrollment limit: 6 students
Payment plans are available for former WWLA students.
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